2019 Half Annual summary meeting

Today, all business elites and company management of keyong group held this meeting in the conference room of the company. This meeting summarized the achievement of goals and problems in the past year. Keyong group surpassed the target from ten million to one billion with an annual growth of more than 20%. In 2019, with the target of 300 million yuan, our group will, under the leadership of chairman tan, open its territory with the spirit of Wolf and serve every high-quality customer with heart. All ke yong people go all out to meet market demand, quality and quantity to complete each order. Our team is the most excellent talent team in the industry. This year, we will create a classic legend of the oven industry with boutique factories. When the world economy returns, we ke yong people will put all their energy on customers, increase product research and development, improve product quality, and do a good job in internal management. We keyong people remember the common mission of "integrating the business community with infinite energy, helping keyong people to have a rich life", march forward, brave the wind and waves, step by step to realize the common vision of "building the world's first-class oven enterprise". Today ke yong group's achievements cannot be separated from each ke yong people to pay, guard! Every employee of keyong will be the greatest wealth of the company. Today the company is proud of you, tomorrow you are proud of the company. We write history with action together, go all out to achieve the goal, protect us with wisdom and sweat for not easy wealth, we go forward hand in hand, casting a more brilliant future.